The Story of SHASHI
July 07, 2022

The Story of SHASHI

As a studio fitness connoisseur, Natalie, founder of SHASHI, had grown tired of hot, poorly fitting, anti-aesthetic socks and decided it was time to disrupt the industry. She saw that runners, like her husband, have specific socks geared toward enhancing performance but there was nothing out there for studio pilates. “What if,” she thought, and the idea developed into not just a deep yearning for a sock that would complement Natalie’s workouts but an actual business plan. 

Endeavoring to create a beautiful and functional pilates sock, in 2009, in Boca Raton, FL, the first-ever specialized studio performance sock was born. SHASHI, as the line came to be known, was the nickname of her baby in utero, before finding out the sex. After her child was born, the nickname stuck, proving that SHASHI was built on love from the very start. 

At its inception, SHASHI began with just two colorways, innovating over time to create a sock that performs just as well as it looks. Featuring larger circular grips on the underside of the foot, SHASHI socks help enhance stability on reformers, the mat, or at the barre. Gone are the days of footwear as an afterthought and SHASHI is a true testament to the intersectional joy of fitness and style. Over time, the brand has expanded to five different toe styles, four topside styles, and six separate collections, some sparkly, some classically subdued. 

A special moment in the SHASHI timeline was receiving a personal thank you from a woman battling brain cancer, whose SHASHI socks made her smile from her wheelchair and even helped her grip the floor to stand. It was at this moment that Natalie knew she had accomplished something and that all the uncertainty and challenges that come with building a brand had been worthwhile and would continue to be. 

The hope for the future is that women around the world will reach into their sock drawer and choose SHASHI socks to match their mood, complete their outfits, and enhance their daily workouts. The goal is not only to have the most desirable product on the market but to continue to improve and evolve. SHASHI socks are not only perfected for studio workouts but designed to accent any outfit, a true gym to street accessory. 

SHASHI continues to bridge the gap between fitness and fashion by offering specialized mesh grip socks in styles to match every mood. Choose from the founder’s favorites: BASICS Taupe, CLASSIC Black, or STAR Purple to begin your SHASHI journey on or off the mat.