What to Wear to Pilates Class to Look Like a Pro
November 14, 2023

What to Wear to Pilates Class to Look Like a Pro

When it comes to deciding what to wear to a Pilates class, the most important factors are comfort and fit. Your clothing should act as a second skin but should never restrict your movement. Fitted tightly against your body, your attire should provide maximum flexibility and mobility. The fabrics should be comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, enhancing every precise motion and helping to control moisture.

Get ready for your next Pilates class with clothing and accessories that optimize your stability and performance.

what to wear to pilates class essentials

Best Clothing for Pilates: Chic and Functional

  • No-Slip Hair Ties: The last thing you want during your practice is for your hair to get caught on your mat or reformer or swing in your face mid-flow. Strong hair ties that keep your hair held tight and out of your way are essential. Our go-to for durability, function, and style is the FP x Kaxi Power Scrunchie.
  • Low Impact Sports Bra: Every workout demands some level of support for the ladies. For Pilates class, we suggest a low impact sports bra to match the low impact workout.
  • Fitted Top: We are suckers for all things Carbon38, and their Melt collection is no exception. Many of their tops double as sports bras. A fitted top will provide complete coverage when you are balancing in the tabletop position or focusing on your core strength in a plank.
  • Fitted Leggings or Shorts: Okay, this Pilates clothing essential isn’t just for you but for your instructor as well. There are so many movements in which your legs are separated or rise above your head. Don’t get caught in an open leg rocker or a scissor kick with wide leg shorts. Your instructor will not be happy, and you won’t either. Stay comfortable while maintaining a full range of motion in leggings constructed with nylon and spandex or elastane. Make sure your leggings are tight against your ankles or calves so there isn’t any excess material obstructing your movement.
  • Grip Socks: Of course, grip socks are an absolute necessity for Pilates. Not only do the grips help you to stabilize your body and ensure proper muscle activation, but they promote good hygiene as well. Many studios will require that you wear grip socks on your mat or reformer.

What Not to Wear to Pilates Class

Knowing what not to wear to Pilates is just as important as knowing what to wear. Any dangling jewelry is definitely frowned upon. You wouldn’t want your necklace choking you in a roll-over or getting caught in the headrest of your reformer. Loose clothing should also be avoided. Not only could it interfere with your movements, but, in the case of flared leggings, you could easily trip over the fabric and lose your balance. Clothing that is tight and comfortable is always best for Pilates class.

Photos from Carbon38 and Free People Movement.