light pink grip socks worn for reformer pilates
September 12, 2023

Why Wear Grip Socks for Reformer Pilates

Why Wear Grip Socks for Reformer Pilates

While some people prefer to go barefoot, there are many health and safety reasons as to why wearing grip socks for reformer pilates is highly suggested, if not required, at most studios. In order to get the most out of your reformer pilates workout, you must have a high level of stability, body awareness, and joint support, all of which are enhanced by properly designed grip socks. Wearing grip socks on the reformer has many benefits related to performance and overall well-being.

1. Grip Socks Can Prevent Injuries

Let’s get the most important part out of the way first. The primary purpose of any grip sock is to avoid slipping. Being in control in this way not only reduces the chance of losing your balance, but it also stabilizes the joints, preventing other serious injuries. For the perfect fit that will advance your sense of control, opt for grip socks with a left and right foot, like we carry at SHASHI.

woman on pilates reformer

2. Remain Comfortable throughout Your Workout

Well designed grip socks implement moisture wicking capabilities that keep your feet dry throughout your workout. We like to take that feature one step further with our Classic and Star designs that include a mesh top for advanced ventilation and our Sweet styles that have an open face for more breathing room for the foot. The cushion and support grip socks provide you with minimizes the stress each movement puts on your feet, ankles, and knees, which will reduce joint pain over time.

3. Activate Specific Muscles

Wearing appropriate attire during reformer pilates can make a huge impact on your workout results. Because grip socks offer increased control in your movement, you are more likely to use the correct form and target the right muscles. Using the grip as a physical reminder of where your foot is placed, you can make more intentional movements and stimulate a greater awareness of your body that will improve proper muscle activation.

woman stretching on pilates reformer

4. Wearing Grip Socks Promotes Better Hygiene

In addition to preventing injuries and providing an extra layer of comfort between the reformer and your feet, grip socks also trump bare feet in regard to hygiene. Wearing socks will reduce the transfer of bacteria, maintaining the overall cleanliness of the studio.

When it comes to reformer pilates, you want to be as comfortable as possible and as balanced as you can be for a safe, effective workout. We recommend athletic clothes that are form fitting without any added zippers or accessories. Remove all jewelry, and pull your hair up and out of your face. Once you add your grip socks to your ensemble, you are head-to-toe ready for your reformer pilates class.