How To Wash SHASHI Grip Socks
August 15, 2022

How To Wash SHASHI Grip Socks

SHASHI is your answer to the perfect studio grip sock that seamlessly transitions from pilates or barre to meeting up with your friends for dinner. Our stylish socks will become your go-to accessory for your hard-earned workouts and nights on the town. From our chic Classic designs to the more bold Tattoo Mesh, there’s a SHASHI style for every occasion. 

With this in mind, to love your SHASHI is to care for them. If you’ve ever wondered how to wash grip socks or if you can put grip socks in the washing machine, you’ve come to the right place. To increase the longevity of your SHASHI socks, we’ve figured out exactly how to treat them and what NOT to do.

Firstly, always turn your SHASHI grip socks inside out so that the grips are on the inside. This helps prevent any extra wear, especially for our more elegant STAR collection styles. Once they’re inside out, you can clean your socks in the washing machine using warm water–never hot–on a delicate setting.

Most importantly, ALWAYS line dry your SHASHI grip socks to keep them in the best condition possible. Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean. Following these steps, your favorite SHASHI performance grip socks will stay reliably beautiful.

SHASHI continues to bridge the gap between fitness and fashion by offering specialized mesh grip socks in styles to match every mood. Choose from the BASICS Black SilverSWEET Rose Silver, or STAR Purple to begin your SHASHI journey on or off the mat.